Paolo Ulian Double Matches versus Mircea Cantor Double Matches

Mircea Cantor 
Double Heads Matches, 2002
"My first thoughts flickered between imagining someone striking the match at one end until burning his fingers on the other, and the thrifty consumer who might try to get full value for his money by using each match twice. In employing the match factory to produce his edition of double-headed matches, Cantor not only convinced the workers to exchange their machine labour for craft labour; he also manufactured a product that has no exchange value, other than as a work of art. Like someone throwing an unwieldy spanner into the works, Cantor momentarily short-circuits the system he and his subjects are bound to uphold. Like any good magician, he gracefully inverts the narrative he has so patiently unfolded and emerges from behind the curtain, hands free." Mircea Cantor

Paolo Ulian
Double Matches, 2001

Paolo Ulian is one of those controversed Italian designers: or you love his work or you find it stupid, but you cannot remain indifferent. Both respect for environment and reuse, summarised into this so simple concept that I wonder how nobody thought about it earlier: a match which is rubbed on both sides and a storage compartment for half used matches. source: www.crushofthemonth