Con-Temporary Artists versus Paetau ?Accident

Con  [kn]  adj. Of, relating to, or involving a swindle or fraud,

Temporary   [ˈtɛmpərərɪ ˈtɛmprərɪ] adj.  lasting only a short time.

left:  Martin Creed, Work No 503 Sick, 2006

rightMillie Brown, Nexus Vomitus, 2010

I started to feel really bad at the opening of the 
ART FORUM 2005 Art Fair in Berlin. 
And suddenly I couldn’t help myself, I had to vomit. It was terrible. 
It just kept coming. Most people preferred not to stay around and I sure can understand them! 
Some people were a bit curious though. Other people even seemed to find it entertaining… But I didn’t notice anything, I was too busy throwing up.
 To me it seemed like an endless nightmare. I started to feel really dizzy and afraid that it would never end. Only the director of the gallery was friendly enough to come and support me. He even brought me a chair to rest on. 
I felt terribly sorry that it had occurred in his booth. 
He even came with some sheets of paper to cover up the vomit. 
Of course I offered him my help. So we covered up the mess with 4 sheets of paper until it would be cleaned up. 
This was the result. And everything went on as usual.