The composition of the flag is mainly made by combining the occurrence of number 3 with the occurrence of number 4. I would describe mathematically the flag asymmetrically composition as a mesmerizing combination of 3 with 4, and their multiples.

Occurrence of three

The border is composed of 27=3x3x3 stars on the vertical border and 18=2x3x3 on the horizontal one. The main field is divided by 3 rows each containing 3 vegetative goblets. The number of iele is 3, while the căluşari number is 9=3x3. The mute mask is triangular. There is a group of 3 staves each connected with 3 căluşari, and a group of another 3 staves not connected. There are 21=7x3 birds flying to the right where points the flag bearer. It is obvious that three is the number of global symmetry of the composition, but also appear few times locally i.e. the number hooks on a deity wing is 3, there are 6=3x2 seeds inside each goblet from the middle row, we find groups of 3 seeds stacked on ramus in bottom row.

There is an evolution in 3 steps of the birds: they stands outside the goblets of bottom row, on the branches in the middle row and inside the goblets of the top row. There is also an evolution in 3 steps (one row, one step) of the vegetal goblets, which suggests the process of growth and regeneration. The bottom tree of life has three fruits each represented with three layers. The Căluş ritual itself is made of 3 parts, and the dance is made of 3 kind of movements. The oath may be taken for 9=3x3 years, and the ritual may take 9=3x3 days.

Occurrence of four

Each deity has 4 left and 4 right antenae. The stars from the border have 4 right and 4 left points. We have 8=4x2 staves. In the bottom and the middle row the goblets have 4 branches. Groups of four chevrons (V-shaped symbol) pointing to the goblets are placed on branches, etc... The top tree of life has four fruits, and some are represented with four layers. From this examples, we conclude that four is mainly manifested local and static while three is mainly manifested global and dynamic.