FIG. 23

FIG. 24
The flag also contain two big trees. Each tree is depicted with stylized root, rami, gemma, seeds, flowers and fruits.
The bottom tree has 3 fruits while the top tree has 4 fruits. Each tree has a big stylized flower. The main field is divided by three rows each containing three vegetative triangular goblets. Each goblet from the bottom or middle row contains vertical branches and a pair of combs oval shaped representing male genitals Fig. 23, Fig. 24. The triangular shaped goblets pointed downward represent female genitals Fig. 23, Fig. 24. Furthermore, there are groups of 4 seeds or 3 seeds stacked vertically on rami of the goblets from the bottom row. The seeds are found inside the goblets on the middle row, as would have been poured into them. Thus the goblets and vegetal branches are suggesting fecundity. In the top row we find birds inside goblets.