Fig. 4 Mutul (The Mute)

Fig. 5 Vătaful (The Chieff)

There are seven FIG. 6, FIG. 7, FIG. 8, FIG. 9, FIG. 10, FIG. 11 human figures wearing feminine clothes and represented in full-length, while two FIG. 4, FIG. 5 are represented half-length (bust) with arms upraised and above two vegetative staves. All figures are represented with eyes and mouth, excepting one half-length figure with no mouth, and triangular head Fig. 4. Another half-length human figure wears a phrygian/dacian cap Fig. 5. The upraised hands and the cap are obviously signs of leadership giving to the whole group a hierarchical structure, namely the half-length figures are the leaders of the group. Furthermore, the triangular head points to a red line. The red line connects the border of the flag (represented with stars ) with the main field of the flag and is unique, no other connection between border and main field exists. The red line is suggesting that half-length figure with triangular head is placed on top hierarchical position, because he is the one who makes the connection of the whole group with the stars from border. Therefore, the figure with triangular head without mouth is the leader, he is Mutul (the Mute), and his head is covered by a triangular mask. The figure wearing phrygian/dacian cap is Vătaful (the Chieff).
There is a third human figure with individualized features: he is depicted with an arm raised indicating a direction to be followed Fig. 6. The Romanian word for the one with an arm raised is Arătătorul. Actually, this is the name of the clan member who holds the flag: Arătătorul or Stegarul (Flag Bearer).
In the upper third of the flag there is a couple with holding hands Fig. 7. This representation is connected with the third and final part of the ritual, burial of the flag. The flag is taken to the same location where the oath was taken. At the very last moment when the pole of flag touches the ground the căluşari scatter in all directions and return immediately. They shake hands and greet each other as if they had not seen each other for a long time [Giurchescu]. Therefore, Fig. 7 symbolize burial of the flag and end of the ritual.
To sum up, the flag represent all members of the team: the Mute Mutul, the Chieff Vătaful, the Flag Bearer Stegarul, and six Căluşari.

Fig. 6 Stegarul (flag bearer)

Fig. 7 Hand shake at the burial of the flag

Fig. 8 Căluşar

Fig. 9 Căluşar

Fig. 10 Căluşar

Fig. 11 Căluşar