Maxy and Pettoruti versus Picasso

ARTIST: Pablo Picasso
TITLE:Three Musicians
MEDIUM: oil on canvas
YEAR: 1921
Perhaps the most famous painting for synthetic cubism style, Picasso's Three Musicians
features a Harlequin, a Pierrot, and a Monk. Music was a favorite Cubist theme, and here Picasso equips Harlequin with a  guitar  Pierrot with a recorder, and the Monk with an accordion.
The painting has been interpreted as a commemoration of the recently deceased poet Guillaume Apollinaire in the form of Pierrot, with the poet Max Jacob as the  Monk and Picasso himself as Harlequin.

From left to right:  Guillaume Apollinaire (The Pierot),  Pablo Picasso (The Harlequin), Max Jacob (The Monk).
ARTIST: Pablo Picasso
TITLE: Three Musicians
MEDIUM: oil on canvas
YEAR: 1921
COLLECTION: Philadelphia Museum of Art

A year before he  painted Three Musicians, Picasso designed costumes for Sergei Diaghilev's Pulcinella. The characters Harlequin,  Pierrot, and  Monk, derive from Italian popular theater and carnival traditions the artist had encountered them during his visits to Italy as the set designer Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes.

From left to right: Pablo Picasso (The Harlequin), Guillaume Apollinaire (The Pierot), Max Jacob (The Monk).
ARTIST: Max Herman Maxy
TITLE: Three Musicians
MEDIUM: oil on canvas
YEAR: 1926
COLLECTION: A. Zylberstein, Basel

Max Herman Maxy was a proeminent figure of Romanian modernism. A year before Max Herman Maxy   painted Three Musicians, he  designed the costumes and the scenes for the play Der Zinger fun zayn troyer by Ossip Dimov (Joseph Perlman) and for Saul by André Gide. Both were played at the Teatrul Central (Central Theatre) and directed by I.M. Daniel. In the 1926 Max Herman Maxy designed the costumes (i) and/or the scenes (ii) for:

L'Uomo, La Bestia e La Virtù by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Henry Tarlo, i and ii,

Got fun Nekomeh by Sholem Asch, directed by Sandu Eliad, ii
Manechinul Sentimental by Ion Minulescu, directed by Paul Gusty, i and ii,

Thought by Leonid Nikolaievich Andreyev, directed by Alexander Stein, ii.

All were played at the Teatrul Central.

ARTIST: Emilio Pettoruti
TITLE: El Improvisador
MEDIUM: oil on canvas
YEAR: 1937
COLLECTION: Colección Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Both Max Herman Maxy and Emilio Pettoruti exhibited at Der Sturm in 1923.