Julio Gonzalez versus Unknown Fang Artist

ARTIST: Julio Gonzalez
MEDIUM: pen, ink and wash on paper
YEAR: 1940

Based on geometrical proportions of his own face !and on tribal art, Julio Gonzalez made several works like this in the 1940's. Comparing his mask with authentic tribal masks we  understand why Hans Hartung (a famous painter and close friend to Julio Gonzalez) has found the mathematical system of proportions that Gonzalez used to draw the mask series as " both elaborate and confusing".
ARTIST: Unknown Fang Artist
YEAR: early 20th century
COLLECTION: A.M. Switzerland
PURPOSE: despite of many studies, it is not known today  how Fang tribe  used this mask and the meaning of geometrical incissions. But it is certainly know that  Georges Braque, an avid  collector of tribal art, owned a quite  similar one, in his famous collection. The cubism is made so easy when you are inspired by an unknown Fang artist!
Before the financial crisis,  mask  like this one  cost !only twice than minor drawings like Julio Gonzalez Masq, but today the Fang mask preserved it's market value while minor drawings dropped at least  by  50%.